Paraben’s Digital Forensics Fundamentals course is designed to get you started in the field of digital forensics. The fundamental how-to knowledge that acts as a foundation for what you need as you pursue this area of digital forensics.

This course will show you the best practices for collecting and investigating a variety of different digital items. Students will learn about the chain of custody and the foundational details of the field of digital forensics.

  • The course is only offered online.
  • The course is offered in English only.
  • Discounts available on the software used in class

Course Details

  • This course focuses on both lecture and lab-style learning so it encompasses all types of examiners.
  • This is an excellent course to get you the fundamentals for the field of digital forensics.
  • This course is taught online through the Paraben Training Academy.
  • The course includes certification as Certified Computer Examiner once course and test are completed.

Student Comments

"I recently finished taking a college level class on digital forensics. I felt like I knew a lot after that class but after taking Paraben's Digital Forensics Fundamentals I realize just how much I didn't know. Paraben's Digital Forensics Fundamentals online class was a full 360 degree look at digital forensics. Actually seeing the tools of trade, how to acquire data and see a case conducted on three different software platforms. Now I understand what it takes to conduct an investigation. I learned how to take data, organize it, and interpret it for the case. If you're looking for a course that teaches you from start to finish then you must take Paraben's Digital Forensics Fundamentals course."

-Dennis Laney

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